Where I’ve Been and Where I’m Going

Hi friends!

It’s been almost a month since I’ve published something here, and I wanted to give you all a quick explanation about that as well as a quick update of a few changes to the blog.

Much Needed Rest

Over the past six months or so, I’ve felt really exhausted intellectually and, if I’m honest, emotionally and spiritually as well. I graduated with a Master’s Degree in Theology in December, having finally finished my thesis (the first chapter of which you can find here!). Since graduating, I no longer have an “official” schedule of things to read and write, which means I have to be much more creative with how I go about doing things.

That said, graduate school and having to think much more creatively about the content for the blog has taken a toll, especially regarding my ability to think about and write helpful content. I had noticed for a little while that I just had no desire to read or write anymore, which is usually a telling sign that something is up. In this case, I was just feeling exhausted and burned out.

So I took nearly a month off from even thinking about the blog. I also took a break from reading anything substantial. My hope is that this break has allowed me to rest and regain some much needed clarity and focus. The rest was much needed, and I’m hoping that it shows with some of my forthcoming content.

Much Needed Rhythms

And speaking of content, I’m hoping to get on a much more regular schedule for publishing here. Part of the problem in the past is that I would usually “shotgun publish” (I don’t think this is a term), meaning that I would publish a whole lot all at once. But then I wouldn’t publish anything else for two or three weeks. That wasn’t helpful for me (because I always felt like I was under pressure), and I know it wasn’t helpful for establishing meaningful relationships with my readers.

So what I hope to do moving forward is to publish one post per week, probably on Mondays. I usually have some time to write early in the week, and if I stay on schedule, it should be feasible to publish one post per week. (It’s possible that I’ll begin to publish two posts per week after awhile, probably on Monday and Thursday, but for now it’ll just be one.)

I also have a bunch of ideas for what I’d like to read and write about, but I also would love to hear from you guys! What would you find interesting? Let me know, and I’ll see what I can do to make it happen. So, until next week, peace!

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