The Five-Point Blog

Welcome to The Five-Point Blog.  I assemble my random thoughts and distill them into, you guessed it, five points:

1.  Each Post Has Five Points

I’m pretty boring and not very creative, so I have decided to make each post have five points, each of which hopefully supports one major theme.  Any and all themes are fair game, but be warned now that most of them are theological.

2.  Each Post Is Less than (or Equal to) 1,500 Words

I am only fooling myself if I think anyone would want to read more than 1,500 words of my thoughts in each post.  Plus, I don’t really have enough time to write (or study about) more than that, so 1,500 words it is!  (Though some posts are a bit longer.)

3.  Each Post Is Placed in a Certain Category

To make navigating the blog a bit easier, each post will be categorized according to content.  Categories include the following: Apologetics, Life and Ethics, Reformed Theology, and Systematic Theology.

Apologetics posts will deal with how to defend the Christian faith.  Life and Ethics typically deal with some practical topics like how to think biblically.  Reformed Theology will be on various topics within the Reformed tradition.  Systematic Theology is a series in which the doctrines of the Christian faith are organized in an easy-to-follow fashion.

4.  Each Post Contains My Own Thoughts Unless Otherwise Noted

I say this not to draw more attention to myself or to try and demonstrate that I’m a good writer or thinker; rather, I do it to point out that all errors in judgment, thought, type, or any other category, are to be ascribed solely to me. I may make use of others’ work from time to time to ensure that I am not off in La-La Land (not the movie), but even then all mistakes are my own and no one else’s.

5.  Each Post Seeks to Honor the Triune God

In this blog I hope to write for the encouragement and edification of the people of God from the stance of communion with the triune God.  Always and everywhere underneath the sovereign care of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit, I offer this blog as a meager means to honor God and make him known in all places for the good of all peoples.

Thanks for reading.  Have any additional thoughts?  Leave a comment below. 

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